Anna Vecchi (pronounced Ahnuh Vecky) is a Chinese-Italian, first-generation American visual designer currently residing in Toledo, Ohio.
She completed her graduate degree in Visual Communication Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and is now a graphic designer with Toledo-based advertising agency Communica. Although she was born and raised in New England, she is a world traveler and constantly looking for a challenging, exciting adventure. Don't let her vibrant, colorful personality fool you; she is a marksman in archery and has her own personal wolf pack of Siberian Huskies. Her Facebook wall is consistently bombarded with various panda videos and photos because her friends have associated Anna with pandas since the dawn of time. She loves volunteering and being a part of something bigger than herself. Being raised in a multi-lingual household, she's become an expert in finding ways to communicate. This ultimately led her to graphic design and communicating many ideas to all walks of people using her artistic skills. She is constantly learning, evolving, teaching, and grabbing at opportunities that allow her to grow personally and professionally.

Simply stated, pandas and Anna Vecchi have one thing in common – they are a rare breed.
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